Saturday, 7 February 2009

Being There

Somewhere on the Live Union website we state that ‘in today’s digital world we believe in the power of actually being there’. You’d be surprised and a little disappointed if a live experience agency didn’t believe in the power of ‘being there’. But why the context of the digital age? Well, the digital age has changed our relationship with recorded entertainment. Now that all the music and much of the film and TV content ever recorded is accessible from our computer, it no longer has the scarcity value that it once had. Against this backdrop live, you had to be there, events, gigs, experiences and festivals are becoming ever more sought after.

Former half of KLF and artist Bill Drummond’s latest book 17 describes his relationship with music in the digital age. 17 tracks his journey from owning his first ever single (Strawberry Fields Forever) to his ipod filling with ever more tracks and along the way the meaning draining from the music. The way he re-engages with music is to take it out of the shadow of being recorded and collect together one-off choirs of 17 people singing basic scores that are time, site and occasion specific. The audience is limited to the 17 people in the choir. This is a beautifully written and designed book and an ode to the power of actually being there in the digital age.