Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tomorrow is Twestival day. A series of events are happening in approximately 200 cities around the world, organised by people on Twitter to raise money for Charity:Water. The London event is happening at Shorditch Studios and is sold out. 100% of the ticket price is going to Charity:Water. Sponsors including Virgin Media have signed up.

As someone who gets paid to create live experiences (and huff and puff a bit about how difficult it is) there is something very sobering in the fact that there isn't a professional event agency involved in organising Twestival, there isn't even a paid employee, it is being organised entirely by volunteers from different walks of life.

Twestival is a lovely example of the growing relationship between live and digital communication. Every night in pubs all over London flickr groups are meeting to discuss a shared interest and put a face to a username and we all know about flashmobs. Twestival though is something bigger and an important first; a digital social network enabling collaboration on a global scale but working on a local level to get people working together to organise live events.