Monday, 23 March 2009

A Good Story

If you want to learn how to tell a good story then The Moth is a very entertaining place to do it. The Moth is a not for profit storytelling organisation, started in New York in 1997. Initially held by writer George Dawes Green in his living room, Moth evenings now run regularly in venues across New York and beyond.

The Moth celebrates the art of storytelling in its rawest form; the story must be true, speakers don't use notes and each story is fifteen minutes long - which seems about the right length. Every week a new story is available via the podcast, listening to them can teach you a huge amount about public speaking: how to build a story-arc, how to judge the right pace, how to get a laugh.

The Moth has become very popular, attracting some well-known storytellers and holding StorySlams where people compete against each other. They also run storytelling workshops for business, teaching people how to build a narrative around a brand or product and how to present in public. I strongly recommend subscribing to the podcast, if you do, be sure to listen to Colin Quinn's story about Robert De Nero's birthday party.