Thursday, 9 April 2009

Festival technologies

Image Courtesy of hddod

I've recently come across two technology concepts with exciting uses for brands thinking of sponsoring or putting on their own large scale summer events.

The first is called Muzu tv. This is a music video player that can be embedded into any website, allowing you to create a branded event channel. In the past festival owners and sponsoring brands have been put off using such things because of concerns over rights - Muzu take care of all this.

Muzu is already being used by events such as Bestival and Camden Crawl to show past performances and videos from upcomming acts. Sponsoring brands can align their brand with the channel, show their adds and even add a layer of interactivity that allows people to click on their products when they are shown within music videos.

This concept effectively extends the duration of the live experience. Prior to the event you can show footage from last year's acts. Post-event, the Fan TV function allows users to put up their own content and to embed the channel on their social networking sites amplifying the experience to a wider audience. This type of user generated content has in the past raised rights issues, but Muzu take care of this. To understand the financing and advertising model contact Muzu, suffice to say that it can be self-financing or even revenue generating.

The second concept is Locle.

This is a mobile application that can help you see where your friends are without the need for GPS. It is accurate to within twenty metres, so you can at least see which of your mates is closest to the beer tent. Locle also has social networking functionality - so you can tell them what you want to drink! The service can be branded and offered to consumers by sponsors at festivals.

Orange had an application called GlastoNav at Glastonbury last year but it didn't have location or social networking functionality. Locle takes the festival application to the next level and is definitely worth checking out.