Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bandstand Busking

Richard Huntington has written an interesting post on Adliterate about the internet engendering a broad sense of optimism within society. He discusses how the sharing and generosity of people's online lives is filtering into their offline lives.

Bandstand Busking feels like an example of this. It is organised by Maybeor and I went along to my first one in Northampton Square on Sunday.

I liked everything about it:

  • It made use of a disused civic amenity
  • The audience felt like a disparate group of people who, like me, had stumbled across it on the internet or just happened to be passing by
  • The music was brilliant - The Gorgeous Colours - were especially fab
  • It was a lovely combination of a super low tech environment, an accoustic set and people with laptops and mics and cameras recording everything
  • Lovely poster
  • People were doing it for fun not for profit
  • It was free
  • An ice cream van pulled up just as the music finished