Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Super Contemporary

I had a play with Ross Phillips' Head to Toe installation in Covent Garden, it is part of the Design Museum's Super Contemporary show. It is a simple and very compelling idea. It films a section of your body (head, waist, legs) and then, on the web site, slices you together with other people who have been filmed elsewhere in London.

Here are five reasons why I think it works so well:

1) It is incredibly well designed and hugely approachable

2) It doesn't ask too much of you, no stepping into a booth or long instructions to follow.

3) It recreates a children's game and that makes you feel instinctively warm towards it.

4) It is a communal idea, without forcing you to actually engage with other people.

5) It encourages messing about. Check out the website and you'll see people standing on one leg, putting heads where waists should be and so on. In fact you can't help but mess about and that is a good thing.