Sunday, 7 June 2009

Will Alsop's room at the Royal Academy

After work on Friday I went along to the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. It is the largest open submission contemporary art exhibition in the world, drawing together a wide range of new work by both established and unknown living artists. The critics are always a bit snooty about seeing the work of unknown artists hanging alongside those of Academy members, but I loved it.

My favourite part was a room of architects' models curated by Will Alsop. The models are hugely diverse and creative, and give a fascinating insight to how architects excite clients about their ideas. It is always interesting to see how people in other walks of life package and sell their ideas, and they don't come much bigger than a new skyscraper or public library.

The models are wonderfully seductive and in the unlikely event that I ever had a say in commissioning a building I can see how I'd be persuaded by them.

The photos I took on my phone are hugely blown out and don't show any of the charm of the models. This flickr group of architects models includes some nice ones, but I'd recommend checking out Alsop's room for yourself.