Thursday, 2 July 2009


We helped organise the 8x8 event for Quark last night. The idea, in a nutshell, was that 8 talented designers had just 8 minutes each to present what inspired them. It turned out to be a fantastic format and, as a frustrated designer myself, I was awestruck by the presentations.

Ben was a slick host and the presenters put a huge amount of time and energy into creating their presentations. The slides looked beautiful, of course, and they took risks and did interesting things. Iain made a series of videos about tension and Joel & Pete did a live demo of their face tracking software. John Bateson and Vaughan Oliver had the gravitas of master craftsmen.

Here are a few personal highlights:

Joel & Pete spoke about their 40:60 approach to any problem 40% knowledge, 60% err (as in head scratching)

Alex and Will from HudsonBec shared this beautiful set of Allen Keys they'd been sent by a student looking for a job.

Richard Hooker taught me that it takes 100 miles to cook a chicken on a car's manifold, but only 30 miles to cook shrimps.

Jamie taught me about a piece of design strapped to the Pioneer 10 space probe that is currently 7.6 billion miles away from earth and, in a similar vein, Matt Dent introduced us all to, amongst many other things, the Nasa photo gallery.

Thanks to everyone who took part you can find out more about them here. Videos of each presentation will also be posted in the same place soon. And a special thanks to our friends at Neoco for helping make it all happen.