Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Putting the 'mium' into freemium

I went to see Chris Anderson talk about his new book Free at the RSA recently. He unpicked the world of 'freemium' - the basic service is free, the premium service is paid for. This is the model used by people like Flickr and Google and the online gaming brands.

As more of the world moves online, where the marginal cost of production is close to zero, it is inevitable that we'll see a lot more of this type of thing. The problem of course is that businesses such as publishing are finding the 'free' bit without the 'mium'.

The good news for those of us working in 'live' is that events, as this piece points out - in relation to publishing, are a highly credible 'mium' income source for content providers. The music industry has of course been through this already. Piracy has effectively made recorded music free, whilst gigs and festivals have provided a different income model for bands.

Free can be listened to for free on spotify.