Sunday, 16 August 2009

Guardian Experience

The most interesting media at the moment has to be newspapers. The sector is undergoing huge upheaval as readers increasingly opt to source their news online - for free - and newspaper brands are left trying to redefine their role and find new business models.

Simon Jenkins has written a great piece on the opportunity for the Guardian to reinvent itself as a live experience brand. This makes perfect sense. Newspapers have been remarkably slow to see the potential they have for generating income by putting on their own events; instead they have squandered money sponsoring events.

The Guardian has all the elements in place that you need to create successful events: content, audience, a reputation as a trusted curator and media through which to promote. In the same way that the music industry has looked to live as its saviour from falling revenues, in the coming years we're going to see newspapers putting on all sorts of interesting experiences.