Friday, 4 September 2009

Banality is not a bad thing always

Finally got round to visiting Roger Hiorns' Seizure installation in Elephant & Castle. Hiorns used copper sulphate to create a crystal cave within the shell of a council flat. I loved the feeling that one space had transformed itself and flourished as a reaction to the many identical decaying flats around it.

My photos weren't great so here are some much better ones from Flickr courtesy of Sachapohflepp.

Great quote from the artist in the accompanying guide.

"The colour was always a sidetrack for me, it was never about the beauty, about claiming something to be a beautiful object after it had undergone the crystalising process. That would just be banal, though banality is not a bad thing always"

If you want to do the same to your flat here's how:

Encase property in water tight tank
Punch holes in ceiling
Mix 70,000 litres of extremely hot copper sulphate liquid
Fill to brim from above
Over a two week period let the temperature drop
Drain remaining liquid
Open front door and enjoy your new home