Sunday, 20 September 2009

Self-imposed scarcity

I've been talking about doing this for ages and now I've taken the plunge.

There is so much music around these days, what with Spotify etc, that it feels a bit overwhelming. In the good old days you'd bring a CD home and listen to it over and over and really get into a band. Today recorded music, because of its ubiquity, doesn't seem to have the same impact it once had.

Bill Drummond came up with a way of imposing his own scarcity on recorded music. Pick a letter at random and then only listen to artists beginning with that letter for a year. Throw away the letter and the following year choose again. So if you, choose say 'C' you're really going to concentrate on bands like the Clash because you're not going to be able to play them for another 26 years.

Well the draw took place tonight and it's 'S' which is amazing because I love people like Springsteen, the Stone Roses and the Smiths. What I'm really looking forward to though is experiencing people like Steely Dan and Sparklehorse who I've never really found the time to get into before, but have a sense that they're are great.

I'm going to start with six months and see how I go. The Silver Jews here I come.