Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Two smart thinkers

Two posts by smart thinkers have left me feeling even more positive than normal about the future role of live events within marketing. The first is on Mark Earls' Herd blog, the second on Holy Cow (the bovine coincidence is just that).

If you only ever read one thing on social media, make sure it is the think piece linked to in this post by Mark Earls. As the piece makes clear, social media isn't a medium, it is a game changing revolution for brands trying to communicate with consumers. The conclusions focus on the implications of this connectedness, they all point to the fact that brands can't hide from their consumers or control the relationship. As brands start to behave in a far more open, collaborative, direct fashion, face-to-face events are increasingly going to be the medium of choice.

The post on Holy Cow is a clarion call for zero budget marketing, the need for agencies to create direct value not just marketing communication in the old sense. The piece talks about creating value based social objects that score highly on the useful and interesting index - this is a brilliant definition of a well conceived event.