Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Emanuel Rosen

Benn and Mark at Neoco kindly invited me along to a talk by Emanuel Rosen this morning. Rosen wrote The Anatomy of Buzz back in 2000 and has just updated it with 50% new material.

Word of Mouth marketing, like Social Media, is seen by some people as a shortcut to success. What I liked about Rosen's talk was that he emphasised that everything goes back to having a great product and ideas that people want to engage with. Without these two things your word of mouth will either be negligible or negative.

Rosen had five tips for people wanting to get started with a word of mouth strategy. In common with Mark Earls, Rosen sees events as playing an important part in generating buzz.

Five tips:

1) Start with current buzz (what are people already saying about your brand?)
2) Add a tangible element
3) Create an event
4) Use a simple tell a friend tool
5) Ask your customers to tell their stories

The whole presentation is due to be posted here.

Rosen is looking for examples of UK brands or organisations that have employed word of mouth techniques to further a good cause. If you have any good ones contact him here.