Friday, 11 December 2009

A few predictions

It's the time of year for lists and predictions so, with no further ado, here are some for the world of events and experiential marketing.

1) More technology
2010 will be the year we start to really see exciting visual technologies being integrated into live experiences. Out with predictable green-screen photography booths and in with augmented reality, 3D plasmas, LED mesh screens and so on.

2) Jumping off-platform
As the digitisation of other media continues (next up books) the uniqueness of live one-off events is going to become ever more valuable. Media owners are clearly on the front line and we'll see even more TV, magazine, newspaper and publishing companies looking for ways to monetise their content through events.

3) Live at the heart
As content led marketing becomes the norm for brands we'll start to see more big campaigns built around a live experience. Businesses will use live to light a fire at the heart of their brand and then use all the other channels at their disposal to fan the flames (expression borrowed from Ivan Pollard).

And a couple of predictions for business events

4) Content led
The tighter budgets and challenging business environment of 2009 forced many internal events to shed their frills and focus on getting the message right. This reaffirmation that the most important part of any event is the power of face-to-face content, not the frippery that surrounds it will be a positive impact on conferences in 2010.

5) Unconferencing
Businesses have been slow to adopt the methodologies and behaviours of unconferencing but employees, increasingly used to creating their own content online, are no longer happy following an imposed agenda with little opportunity for input. Expect to see more employee led conferences in 2010.