Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Trip to Bath

I went to Bath University yesterday to give a talk on experiential marketing to third year marketing students. It was a much more difficult presentation to put together than the ones I normally do, because it forced me to answer basic questions about what I do for a living. Students want clear facts and definitions and things that link together, they don't want vagueness and obfuscation.

Putting the presentation together made me realise how few good books or decent blogs there are about experiential marketing. I think I did an okay job of discussing some definitions and start points for thinking about experiential.

What struck me is how much more seriously students take University these days. As their lecturer Edi pointed out to me, some of them are working thirty hours a week to pay their way. As a result, they seemed far more dynamic, hardworking and interested than I was when I went to University at the taxpayer's expense.