Thursday, 3 December 2009

True Stories Told Live

Myself and Joe went along to the third outing of True Stories Told Live last night. It was a brilliant evening. Five storytellers took the stage for 10mins each, the stories ranged from a terrifying encounter with a contract killer to a tale about a pair of 'ill trousers'.

During the evening it became apparent what a pure live experience storytelling is. The storytellers had nothing to hide behind: no slides, no notes, no props (apart from one pair of 'ill trousers'), no lecterns, no musical instruments (apart from one guitar). The fact that the stories were true and personal stripped away any fiction they might have hid behind. All of this made being in the audience an incredibly intimate experience.

Having spent a lot of time listening to the American Moth storytelling podcasts it was great to hear stories from the UK. I love the Moth but lots of the cultural nuances are lost on me. Some of last night's tales felt wonderfully British, for instance Martin Pillmer's story about being recruited by a PTA apparatchik to be Father Christmas and in the process finding the true spirit of Christmas. The stories were being recorded so hopefully at some point they'll be available to listen to on the TSTL website.

Next event is in January.