Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Get your bloggers offline

Blogger Outreach Programme is a terrible expression loaded with desperation, but done well it can be highly effective.

Laurence Borel over at Blog Till You Drop has reviewed an interesting example for French lingerie brand Aubade. This activity is a great example of something we're seeing a lot more of - brands looking for ways to engage bloggers in the real world. Laurence touches on this in her summary, copied below.

Key Learnings:
  • Be clever, different or even crazy when engaging with bloggers – we’re hard to please for sure.
  • Use Twitter to catch our attention, leave comments on our blogs/Flickr accounts – you name it!
  • Is your content blog-worthy: we mostly like cool campaigns… fact
  • Get your bloggers offline (whenever possible): we’re a social bunch. Yes, really!
  • We like it when brands invite us into their world – that’s what Social Media is about, right? Transparency and openness are key