Sunday, 21 February 2010

That's the story

We helped produce The Story, on Friday. It was held in that bastion of Humanism The Conway Hall and the speakers had a simple brief, to either tell a story or talk about what it feels like to tell a story.

The event was accompanied by a beautifully produced newspaper created by The Newspaper Club. On page one Matt Locke eloquently describes the motivations for creating the event:

"This is surely the most exciting time to be in the story-telling business. Yet most of the conferences and events for the creative industries focus on collapsing business models, the end of once certain monopolies and the perpetual nail-biting uncertainties of living during change. The sheer visceral pleasure of story-telling has been lost beneath the surface of our industry's obsessions with technological change and economic uncertainties..."

My highlights from the day included Jon Spooner from Unlimited Theatre who used his skills as an actor and storyteller to explain complex scientific theories in straightforward, entertaining ways. I also came across artist and writer Tim Etchells for the first time, his stories, including most memorably Star Fucker, reminded me of Ed Hamell. Perhaps the story that affected the audience most was Tim Wright's telling of a hoax he started whilst his life fell apart around him.

I came away from the event with pages of scribbled notes of people and things to Google, this for me is always the sign of a day well spent. Roll on the The Story 2011.