Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nice Marmite sampling

Sampling campaigns run the risk of being seen as a gratuitous waste but they also often miss the opportunity to do something interesting for the brand. This is often down to the way they are planned, somehow the brand idea fails to reach the point of distribution.

Marmite however have managed to push the brand thought behind their new cereal bars all the way down the line. I was handed a bar and a flyer asking me if I thought they'd gone too far with this product innovation and encouraging me to share my thoughts on facebook.

This clearly ties in with all the other elements of the current campaign and is a clever way of extending the conversation both on and offline. I'm not going to bother going onto facebook and sharing my opinions but I feel like I've been exposed to something interesting.
For the record - they are indescribably disgusting and I actually like Marmite!