Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's a wrap

Have you seen today's Metro? The cover wrap was designed by a guy called Jack Renwick, the winner of a competition run by the paper encouraging creatives to design something that would inspire Londoners on their way to work. Last week we produced an event at the Vinyl Factory for Metro and guests from the creative industry to celebrate the winning entries and announce the overall winner.

Metro ran the competition in order to engage the creative community with the diverse advertising opportunities that the paper offers. Jack's design and his name will be seen by 1.3million Londoners today and over the past few weeks the campaign, run in partnership with the D&AD, has been written about in the paper and widely blogged and chatted about. Given all this you might ask why bother having a live event for a few hundred people?

The answer is well expressed in this piece written by the FT's Ben Hughes - events are an incredibly powerful way of starting and catalysing business relationships. I've previously written and co-opted other people's thoughts on the importance of building 'corridors' into events, that's to say bumping into and chatting opportunities. The Metro Wrap Party was a good example of this, an event stimulating a social contract between a business and its stakeholders, in this case between Metro and the creative community. You can see all the shortlisted winning cover wraps here.