Friday, 9 April 2010

Things to look forward to

We've put together a calendar of events that we're looking forwarding to checking out in the next few months. You can see it here.

Drawing all these things together raised a few closely related points:

1) The internet has removed what was historically one of the biggest costs of organising an event, locating and marketing it to your audience.

2) As all other types of entertainment have become digitised and therefore easily shared and copied, live events have a scarcity that makes them more valuable than ever before.

3) The resulting desire for all things live is leading to a boom in events of all kinds.

4) Talks, debates, storytelling, readings and other book based stuff seems to be a particularly prolific area for events.

5) For authors and other content creators live is an increasingly important income stream.

6) All the above makes live events a fascinating area to be working in.