Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Experiential through the ages - pt1 - Oscar Mayer

For ages I've been meaning to collect together a list of historical examples of brands using events in interesting ways. Experiential marketing from before the expression existed. Of course laziness has prevented me from actually getting started. To make things easier I'm going to take a bite sized approach; occasional posts that will hopefully one day hang together as something comprehensive, perhaps giving rise to the odd insight. If you've got any suggestions for inclusions do get in touch.

#1 Oscar Mayer - Wienermobile

photo courtesy of ahhyeah

Variations of this much loved vehicle have been traveling US highways since 1936 to promote Kraft owned cold cut meat company Oscar Mayer. Recent graduates are hired as 'hotdoggers' to drive the vehicle for a year, with an average of 2000 applicants for the 12 vacancies. The vehicles are 11ft high and 27ft long and have space for two 'hotdoggers'. They road trip the country handing our gifts, playing their their 21 different horn jingles and presumably causing passing motorists to swerve off the road in sheer excitement.

After all these years the Wienermobile is much loved and sightings are eagerly reported. Oscar Mayer use it as the epicentre for all sorts of marketing activity including as a casting couch for customers who'd like to be in their ads.

A great example of the power of consistency, spectacle and simply making people smile.