Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Interview with David Polinchock

Just listened to an interview with David Polinchock as part of The New Storytellers podcast series on Get Storied.

Here are some words of wisdom courtesy of David:

Small businesses tend to be at the beginning and that makes framing a story and a passion easier, larger business have often forgotten what their story is.

Stories allow brands to frame barriers in positive ways.

A great story is best told through a face-to-face experience that is why location branding is so important for businesses.

Brands can benefit hugely from translating online experiences, such as being a Facebook fan, into real world community happenings.

Retailers should think of stores as social media spaces. If your store is only a space to buy product then you aren't really offering anything because you can do that lots of places. David tells of a clothing store that wheels its display rails to one side and uses the store space for yoga classes.

And he also introduced me to a brand that do all this stuff really well - Lululemon athletica.