Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Super Art Fight

This is Super Art Fight a great event format that is touring the US. Rolf Harris with a punk soundtrack. I'd love to see something similar in the UK.

Pairing cutting-edge artists in the art of creative combat before a blank wall of canvas, the audience is drawn in as a new masterpiece is created before their eyes. But no sooner than the audience and artists relax does the
WHEEL OF DEATH come into play.

The WHEEL OF DEATH gives the battling artists new topics at timed intervals that must be incorporated into their piece, less they face the audiences wrath. The victors are chosen by the audience, and to the winner goes the spoils–THE SUPER ART FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!

Add a punk rock sensibility and some of the most entertaining live commentary to hit the stage, Super Art Fight is taking the nation by storm, one event at a time.