Monday, 26 July 2010

Two interesting posts from Max Lenderman

Back from holiday and my RSS feeds are spilling over. Max Lenderman at Experience the Message has posted two things that particularly caught the eye.

Firstly, his and Rob Schuham of AMG's interview with Alex Bogusky of CPB fame. The programme is fun but rather long. Alex asks some great questions and doesn't accept the usual lazy assumptions about experiential, such as it by definition not being interruptive.

Here are four points well made in the show:
  • Turning a brand into a useful utility helps to avoid creating urban spam
  • A more literal experiential interpretation of a brand is often better, Charmin's work being a good example of this
  • Good brand experiences should have no expiry date (not sure I entirely agree with this, but the point about a live / digital relationship makes good sense)
  • Canadians are the future advertising, French people aren't (fair point)
Max's other interesting post looks at the role of outdoor screens in delivering physical experiences and includes a link to this list (particularly like the Nike one).