Monday, 2 August 2010

How TED started

"... Richard Wurman, an architect by trade, twenty years ago imagined how a convergence of technology, entertainment, and design was going to shake up the economy. 'I was flying a lot, and found that the only people who were interesting were in those three businesses,' he has said on many an occasion. 'And that when they were talking of a project they had a passion about, they always included those other two professions.' So to bring people in these fields together he started the TED conference in 1984 - with few attendees and his friends as guest speakers...

... From money-losing get-together to exclusive confab, TED eventually took in upward of $3m a year, almost all in profit. Richard paid no speaker fees and organized the event with just a few assistants. He sold TED for $14m in 2001"

Taken from Never Eat Alone - p261