Sunday, 31 October 2010

Nike Grid

I blogged about Nike Grid when it first happened in April, now it's back - bigger and better.

It is a master class on how to create a great offline / online experiential campaign.

- It is anchored in a clear, believable, brand passion - running
- The marketing is baked into the product
- The live experience sits at the heart generating content for other channels
- It's locally relevant
- It takes a niche trend, urban gaming, and makes it accessible
- It does interesting things with the data
- It is inherently social

There are some clever ways in which it has evolved from the earlier campaign, in retrospect it feels like April was a test.

- It lasts longer, before it happened over a weekend, this time it is on for 15 days, giving it a chance to build momentum
- There are more ways of making it a shared experience - creating teams, etc
- Best of all Nike are really making the most of the data, beautiful daily data viz films on Youtube, weekly TV ads