Friday, 29 October 2010

Peachy Coochy

Ian & Max at New Tradition are organising a series of breakfast talks at the Jerwood and have asked me to be one of the 'turns' at the first one. They're going for a Pecha Kuchaesque fast-paced automatic slide changing format. So, with this in mind, last night I went along to David Gale's Peachy Coochy gig, which he hosts on the last Thursday of every month at the Toynbee Studios.

It was a fairly arty East London crowd and presenters were being creative with the format - 20 slides x 2o seconds per slide - at a previous event they had someone who did it blindfolded.

It was great fun and these are the presenting tips I took from it:

It works well to have the slides as a visual addition to what you are saying, rather than a hardwired storyline that has to slavishly referenced.

The format can cause the presenter to race through what they have to say, this works well if you're that type of high energy presenter, but in other cases it creates an uncomfortable sense of being rushed along. Don't let your pace be entirely dictated by the slides, changing pace and creating cues for the audience to laugh, sigh, empathise is important.

If you can pull it off silence is really powerful - one guy only said about five words per slide (Russian sayings linked to antiquarian book illustrations).

Jump cuts look great - going from a wide to a close up image.

Oh and I learnt a wonderful Russian saying - 'There are no better dummies than old suckers.'

Definitely recommend checking out the next Peachy Coochy evening and if you fancy coming along to the Jerwood breakfast drop me a line.