Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Things I learnt at JUMP

Hayley at TopShop kindly sorted me out with a ticket to JUMP, the digital marketing jamboree that took place at Old Billingsgate today.

Here are the things I learned from the talks I attended:

Inanimate objects are coming to life
This won't be news to people who follow the thinking of post-digital hole in the wall gang RIG (I can't remember who coined that expression for them - it's great) but it was fascinating to see how many examples popped up today. SapientNitro's smile vending machine for Walls Ice Cream, Nike's Chalkbot and the photo book in the case of Independents United's Festival Annual, are all instances of distinctly undigital objects that have sparked great digital campaigns.

Find the bridge between real and social media worlds
Shilen from Independents United gave a brilliant talk about their Festival Annual concept, the take out from which was the power of rewarding people with a real world artifact, the power of being tangible.

Engage people in the moment
This is something that Nigel from SapientNitro said, the example he used sums it up nicely. Autocar created a tool that allows people to photograph a car they see in the street and immediately find out how much it costs, similar models that are for sale, etc etc

It is about the contact not the content
Anna Rafferty from Penguin made this point, which in short means the value isn't in the volume of content people create but in the ongoing contact that it sparks. Taking this further, we enjoy content not for its own sake but so that we can share it with other people.

And finally
Surely the time has come for exhibitors to stop giving away piles of environmentally toxic executive toys, pens, tins of mints, etc. Apple shaped Adobe stress ball anyone?