Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wired Magazine - snippets on the future of events

There is a fantastic edition of Wired on the newsstands at the moment, also on the ipad for the first time. It is always a great generalist read with highly unpredictable subject matter. I like the way the magazine moves between techie and non-techie, business and culture, atoms and bits. The latest edition introduced me to five interesting things happening in the world of events (or in some cases technologies that will deliver new ways of creating events):

Digital Theatre makes theatre shows available for download. Founder Robert Delamere is featured on the same page as our friend Oli Barrett (completely unrecognisable with his tussle haired makeover).

Warp Cinema Circus
, another example of film breaking out of the confines of the cinema, and the trend for spectator gaming are both discussed in the piece on Big Ideas for 2011

GestureTek are mentioned in the same piece. Their skeletal mapping technology can respond to the movement of lots of people at once, effectively a Wii that responds to groups.

And finally, brain controlled rooms anyone?

That's just the event related stuff.