Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday Good Stuff

International #cakeriot day: December 5 2010
Protest through the medium of cake. Show the government and the media that protest can be peaceful and fun. Plan 1: get as many people as possible to meet in Trafalgar Square to swap cakes with strangers. Plan 2: get as many people as possible to organise similar events across the globe. Spread this blog post link or post the image and explanation yourself. CAKE RIOT! Tweet me @brokenbottleboy and tell me how you’re joining the Cake Riot.

Check out WeAreWhatWeDo's wonderful Action Stationery. Every pencil, note page and day in the diary beautifully designed and filled with very doable actions. And, everyone has someone in their life who deserves a tweet towel.

Wired's very useful event calendar.

If you haven't bought a ticket for Matt Locke's event The Story, you should get a shift on because there selling fast and the line up of speakers are amazing.

New York based LBi creative supremo and friend Cedric Devitt has started a daily tabloid headline writing competition Schmedlines. Yesterday's winner - "Qatar Hero". Marvelous!