Monday, 31 January 2011


There's a film project in the pipeline, as a result I'm on the look out for new distribution models and ways of screening films. (Ages ago I posted some thoughts inspired by hearing Peter Greenaway speak.)

This one's interesting:

Moviola is a hyper-local distribution network - it screens films in villages in the South West of England - it describes itself as the South West's Rural Multiplex. In 2008 they put on 720 screenings in village halls, scout halls, etc for an audience of 44,486 people. They use the latest projection technology which they tour round and their business has grown on the back of recommendations - one village to the next.

They had quite a lot of press in relation to a film called Morris: A Life With Bells On (clue's in the name). Turned down by all the mainstream distributors as being too financially risky, Moviola toured it regionally and the film eventually broke through to a wider audience - more on that here.

It feels like we're going to see more of this kind of thing, driven by the risk aversion of the big distributors (something like 50% of films in cinemas are now aimed at kids), the terrible multiplex experience, the digitisation of film, the falling price of projection equipments, the increasing ease of attracting an audience via social networks and people's desire for local experiences.

If you know of other interesting distribution models or ways in which film is breaking out to the confines of the multiplex, I'd be really grateful to hear them.