Sunday, 20 February 2011

Notes from the Story 2011

Had a cracking time at Matt Locke's event The Story on Friday. Here are some of the notes I took and things I learnt. At some point I might try and turn the below into something coherent, but for now it's blogging as scrapbooking.

Adam Curtis - The old ways of understanding news doesn't add up. We instinctively know that a story like the banking crisis doesn't make sense in the way it is reported.

Individualism is the great theme of our time.

Punchdrunk productions are like the internet, you can go wherever you want.

The internet hasn't delivered yet as a new and involving way of telling stories.

We need to understand the framework around the internet, the powers that flow through it. It isn't a benign utopia.

Cornelia Parker - the stories in her work come from the process. Sometimes it is about giving disparate pieces the same story, such as in her work Thirty Pieces of Silver where she ran over a mishmash of cutlery and other silver objects with a steam roller.

It is friction that starts a story - find the friction, take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Karl James - Don't become your story. The power of listening and helping people to turn traumas into stories rather than letting them become the norm of life

Lucy Kemble - obedience to the form - give someone a form and they'll slavishly fill in all the information you ask for.

Graham Linehan - The internet has made everything possible apart from reading books.

Mark Stevenson - In the information age our task is to sift knowledge from information.

We need to change our structures (education and government) to allow the future in.