Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Why do people follow brands on facebook?

At Live Union we've long been banging the drum for the power of events to activate online audiences. A new piece of research by E-consultancy, released to coincide with the publication of their best practice guide to creating Facebook pages shows that we've been on the right track.

The research outlines the reasons why people follow brands on facebook:
70% said to find out about special offers but other reasons included shopping at 38% and 'to follow events' also at 38%. Granted some people might have meant events in the broadest sense of the word, either way it suggests the power of creating live experiences and happenings, whether in-store or otherwise, to drive your online audience.

Perhaps not surprisingly the biggest reason for people ending their facebook relationship with a brand is when the page is dull or not updated. Events are fantastic ways of generating the content that brands so often struggle to deliver on facebook. Create an event and you'll have endless content to share; from who is going to be at it, to how to get tickets, live interaction with the event and post-event feedback. The power of the 'event continuum' to stimulate online communities was clear in the work we did with the guys at Neoco for Quark's online community Ilovedesign.com.

The other interesting stat is that people who follow brands on facebook, normally only follow between 2 & 5 of them, which suggests they are more discerning than I had thought, it perhaps also suggests that they are hungry for the kind of deeper content rich experiences that an event concept can deliver.