Thursday, 22 September 2011


Can't move in the event world these days without coming across an unconference or a 'camp'. Typically they are watered down versions of the entirely agenda free events that software geeks first pioneered, but hey at least people are trying new things. At Event 'Camp' Europe I was lucky enough to meet Cristiano Betta, founder of BarCamp London, during the day he shared some of the things that have made it a success.

  • No speakers - everyone is considered a speaker
  • The 'two feet rule' - if a session isn't for you, use your feet and move on
  • A small number of people signing up for a session is no bad thing, if only two people are interested in a session that's fine
  • BarCamp is free, to ensure a low drop out rate on the day, people who initially register have to 're:opt in' as opposed to 'opting out' nearer the event date.
  • And there was a great paper string wiki concept for bringing to life the content at the event