Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Due to a combination of busyness, laziness and not coming across too much interesting stuff the blogs been quiet of late. With this in mind, I've been doing some digging.

Mid-course corrections is a very active US blog, focused on the paid for conference world and contains good stuff like this about social isolation within events.

If your event interests aren't in the conference room but in public spaces and on the city streets you may well enjoy Scott Burnham's series Reprogramming the City written for the Boston Society of Architects.

The Do Lectures have been and gone for this year, but the ideas and positive energy generated by those few days in that Welsh valley continue to ripple across the internet. According to a friend who was there, Tom Fishburne's session was a highlight. You can watch it here. Follow Do Lectures on twitter and you'll come across all sorts of interesting bits and bobs.

Last Friday I went along to Playful at Conway Hall, it felt a bit like crashing someone else's party - lots of game designers - but in amongst it all I heard somethings that are highly relevant to live experiences. I'll blog about this soon.