Monday, 19 August 2013

Hot Content

I've been taking another look at Into the Heart of Meetings and came across a useful content framework. Content is an overused and nebulous word, often confused with format, so it's good to see a simple way of thinking about how to achieve 'hot' content.

Next time you're designing content for an event try using the below. Firstly, define which of the six possible reasons for having the event (down the left-hand side) apply, then think about what is going to make the content hot (four areas along the top).

Content that's sticky - means understanding what really drives people / what they are afraid of / excited by / annoyed by.

Content with an impact on participants' lives - topicality is key here, what are the hot topics within an organisation?

Content that presents an inner conflict - for example, an organisation has two choices, but can't afford to do both.

Content that arouses curiosity - people want to know how something that has started continues and ends. Find the unfinished story in your content.